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How To Conquer Your Weight-Loss Plateau

Those who have never been through the weight loss journey may think it is very easy when in fact it comes as a great challenge. The four phases of weight-loss are inclusive of the glycogen depletion phase, the fat loss phase, the plateau phase, and the metabolism recovery phase respectively. Every phase of the weight-loss journey has its own challenges which may defer from the others. The Plateau phase is mostly where most individuals give up when they fail to see any changes in their weight. Giving up should never be the case because this phase is only one level away from victory. Experiencing the next level weight-loss is very much possible with the tips provided in this article.

One of the things which you ought to do in the plateau phase to attain the next level weight-loss is to cut down your calorie intake. If you are on a diet as part of the weight loss plan, the diet ceases to be enough to help cut more weight in the plateau phase. The two available options in reducing the number of calories in your body include decreasing the calories you consume bit by bit every week till you get to the next level weight-loss or undertake metabolic testing to establish the precise amount of calories you burn every day.

You could also enhance your workout besides cutting down your caloric intake to shed more weight. High-intensity interval workouts have over time proven to be more effective in burning more calories in comparison to moderate-intensity workouts. In addition, you should include some variation into your workout routine. The trick is to subject the weaker inefficient muscles to exercise so that they burn more calories which they consume compared to the strong efficient muscles.

You will also manage to get past the plateau phase and into the next level weight-loss phase when you keep away from the carbs. Carbs are your enemy because they can store calories as fat and make you keep instead of losing weight. Additionally, taking a low-carb diet can minimize the presence of hormones which induce hunger and makes you consume less food in general.

It is also crucial that you learn to say no to other drinks which seem to be but are not water if you are to overcome the plateau phase and attain your next level weight-loss goal. Drinks like juices, sports drinks, coffee, beer and so on contain unnecessary calories which will only deter you from your next level weight-loss goal. Taking in adequate water will ensure that you feel full and help you avoid unnecessary food intake.